I have been reflecting on my life over the last year during this tumultuous time of COVID 19. I remember in March 2020 feeling like my life had stopped. Well, it had. All of a sudden I was grounded. The normal flow had ceased to exist and my rhythm had ground to a halt. As I adjusted to this new way of life over the next few months, it occurred to me that now would be a good time to take care of a surgery that had been postponed due to the virus. So, in July 2020, I had rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder which landed me in the hospital for six days. It turned into a lesson in vulnerability. The lesson started in the hospital. Waking up in a sling, unable to use my arm and having to rely on others to help me navigate things I had taken for granted. I was unable to shower alone, care for my basic needs and had to ask for help along the way. The good news was that the Nurses and Techs were some of the most gracious and kind, tenderhearted individuals that I have ever met. They were there every step of the way and were always friendly and caring. I finally headed home.

Once home, I am thankful for the folks that stepped up and helped me each day do all the things that I took for granted. Since I was still in a sling 24/7, I required assistance with life skills like showering, getting dressed and moving about my life. I was still learning the lessons in vulnerability as I asked for help daily. I was reminded that people will help you if you ask. In fact, people like to be asked, want to help in general and stepped up when I needed them most. I remember one morning in particular when my friend had arrived to help me with my morning routine. She found me upstairs crying. I was so overwhelmed with her kindness that it had brought me to tears. To be honest, I wasn’t used to asking for help. I had always done things on my own and never really asked for help along the way. Lesson learned.

Now, as we begin to move out of our sheltering in place, I am grateful for the opportunity to have had the time to rest and heal. My rhythm is starting to return. But one thing for sure. I will continue to ask for help when needed. I will appreciate all that has been given me during this time. Again, lessons learned.