Life has a funny way of throwing obstacles in your path. Just when your life is in flow a boulder lands in the way. The boulder may appear as a barrier but in reality the boulder is an asset. You may think you are on the right path but the path is leading you in the wrong direction.
Have you ever started a project thinking that you were taking the right steps? Along the way you were getting nudges that maybe the thing you think is the right choice is sending you down the wrong road. Some days you listen to the nudges and other days you ignore them. But deep in your gut you know. You know that this is not the right path and it’s time to head in a new direction.
So ask yourself, “What new chapter do you want in your life?” Spend some time thinking through this question. You are the author of your life. You hold the pen. Only you can decide what your next paragraph is going to be. Start with one sentence. “What new chapter do you want in your life?”