We are entering the final quarter of 2019. The seasons are slowly changing and I can feel a drop in temperature as the winds shift from the north. So do our lives shift just like the seasons. Who do you plan on becoming in the next 90 days? I would encourage you to come up with three goals that you would like to accomplish by December 31, 2019. Write a SMART goal-specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-limited. Start small. Your goal needs to be specific to you-something that you have been wanting to accomplish for awhile. Make it measurable-you have 90 days. Break them into 30 day increments. Attainable-something that you can reach for and complete. Realistic-what works for you?. Time-limited-set a time frame for completing these goals. You can choose to meet and exceed these goals simply by writing them down. Share your goals with a trusted friend or colleague. Ask them to hold you accountable and check in weekly on your progress. Understand that change takes time but that slow and steady wins the race. Stay on your course and your race will be won. Let’s get started.