Can you feel it? Change is coming. The birds are singing in the morning. The sun is out most days. The temperature feels warmer. Spring is on the way. Can you feel it? Take a deep breath. The universe is talking to you.

We all know that change is hard. As we move out of the previous season of life, it is clear that many lessons were learned along the way. We navigated the universal changes with lockdown, masks and in some cases isolation. As we move forward, take stock of how these changes had an impact on your life. Are you more grateful for all that you have or did you take your life for granted? Are you more connected with friends and family or did you create distance? Have you had a chance to sit quietly and appreciate all the gifts that were available to you?

You are the architect of your life. It’s time to grab the hypothetical paintbrush and design how you would like your life to look. Spend some time alone and answer the questions posed in the previous paragraph. It’s time to set the intention for your life. As Spring arrives, show up as your most authentic self. Be grateful, Connect with friends and family, Take stock. You are the architect of your life. It’s time.