You’re moving along at an even pace. You’re focused and driven regarding your dreams and goals. You can see the end of the rainbow. And then…and then…the dam breaks. What you thought was true turns out to be a lie. Who you thought had your back turns out to hold the knife. You gasp! You pause! Your life is flooded with uncertainty. You’re not sure who to trust.

When lifes storms flood your existence, you can choose to sink or swim. Initially you may have to tread water just to survive. But over time, you begin to take small, even strokes and your stride returns. You realize that you and you alone always had the power. E + R=O Events plus response equals outcome. Remember we all have events in our lives. How we choose to respond will determine the outcome. Think about your responses to lifes events and be mindful about the outcome. Make it a daily practice to set your intention for a positive response and you will see positive outcomes as well.