It was time for my annual trek to Mazatlan, MX to regroup, recharge and refresh my mind, body and spirit. As I sat and contemplated my life, I was astonished by all the natural beauty that surrounded me. It was a gift to stop, breathe and appreciate all of my blessings, particularly the sound of the ocean. It reminded me that there is a simple rhythm in life. Things move forward and backward, contract and expand in proportion to the energy we carry. As I watched the waves move towards the shore and then away, it reminded me of the times that I took two steps forward and one step back. What seemed to always get in the way was fear. Fear of the unknown creates stories that for the most part are untrue. We tell ourselves a story about why we can’t do something and the next thing you know, we’ve talked ourselves out of doing the one thing that we had dreamed about most of our life. Ask yourself, “What part of your story is no longer true or was never true?” Allow your story to unfold as the gift you are to all of mankind. Your chapter is needed as part of the universal story. Let’s get writing.