Why do we choose at times to head down a path that really doesn’t fit on our life map that we have created? I know I have gone down several paths throughout the years that took me to places that I thought would destroy me. I had lost trust in the process of the universe and the belief that we all have a role in creating our own destiny. Thankfully, I experienced a shift that came when I could step back and trust in the great forse of life. There is a larger hand that is guiding us each and every day. We have to wake up, be alert and look for what has been placed directly in front of us. You have the ability and the power to create the life of your dreams. You have to believe that it is possible but more importantly you have to trust in the process that is unfolding in your own life. Once you have done this, doors will fly open, hands will extend to help and your dreams will be realized. Make a commitment today to start each day with the following questions. “What am I here to do today?” “How can I make a difference in someone elses life?” “Where can I make the greatest impact?” You have the opportunity to share your gifts every day simply by trusting in the great force of life. Blessings.