The seasons are changing. It’s astonishing how quickly time is moving these days. One minute it was the holidays and now the birds are singing, the sun is shining, buds are blooming and folks are shedding their winter blues. Everywhere I go, I feel a sense of hope and expectation. You can feel the movement all around us. People are getting ready for their own personal spring cleaning. Let’s clear the clutter. Starting with your mental clutter, let go of the limiting beliefs that you have held on to for too long. Discard the idea that you aren’t enough. Here is a question that I would like you to ponder. What part of your story is no longer true or was never true? Our stories encompass the parts of our lives that have ended. That particular time was important and served us well but the story no longer applies to the here and now. As the seasons change, so has the seasonality of our lives. Clear the physical clutter. Let’s make space for the next part of our journey. Discard the things that no longer have meaning or serve us in our physical realm. Make a plan to get rid of the stuff that has accumulated over time and is simply taking up space. Once you open up your physical space, space will open up within you as well. It’s time to welcome Spring into your heart. Let go and lead from a heart centered space. You are ready. Spring has sprung.