It takes courage these days to live in our world. So many changes, split second alterations and iterations in our lives. Most folks think of courage as an outward gesture, stepping into situations that may bring harm and helping to mitigate a situation or event. But let’s talk about the courage to be fully present. The courage to oerate from an authentic space. The courage to show up in your life. The courage to let people into your heart. These types of courage take a great leap on your part, to step into your own greatness and allow others to see the real you. Why are folks afraid to live their lives from a couragweous standpoint? Fear can stifle, immobilize and basically freeze an individual in their tracks. There is no forward movement and eventually we find ourselves stuck in an old story that no longer serves our highest calling. It takes courage to re-write your story as you, right now, your present self. Your story helped shape who you are today and gave you the courage to walk down a different path. The path is calling you. Breathe deep. Go inside yourself and find the courageous self that has been there waiting. It is time. No more hesitation. Find the courage to step into your greatness and live the life that is yours for the taking. If you need assistance in finding your courage, call me at 816-309-8543 or contact me at [email protected]