Spring, a time of renewal, a time of growth, change, opportunity and redesign. Time springs forward. Folks clean out closets, declutter and get rid of that which no longer serves them. Relationships begin and end and begin anew. People are engaged in the circular nature of life as one ending is a new beginning. Folks leave jobs, move across the country. So much change and so much loss. Have you ever noticed that even when you are excited about the new opportunities showing up in your life, there is a degree of grief that shows up as you shed that which no longer serves your greater good. Here is a great question to ponder by poet and change agent David Whyte, “What would my life be like if I had as much faith in the parts of me that were fading away as I had in the parts of me that were growing?” As we grow, it is natural to let go and feel like parts of us are disappearing. The reality is that it is simply a new iteration of the self. You are growing and changing and from the cocoon you have been in, will emerge a new and better version of the self. Don’t be afraid. Embrace this self. Honor this self. Come to know this self that is ready to share its gifts with the world. The world has been waiting for you to arrive. Everything is waiting for you.