Spring is in the air and change is happening all around us. I looked out my back window the other day and saw that a tulip had pushed through the ground and was struggling to bloom. So too with change. Sometimes it is a struggle to begin a journey of self discovery and give yourself permission to shed your skin and leave your old life behind. I have learned over the last year, that change is on the other side of fear. Fear is what keeps us immobilized, frozen, unable to move forward in our lives. When you begin to take steps towards a new life, it helps if the steps are small. Make a plan, set your goals, write out measurable steps to take and finish with affirmation statements. Read these to yourself everyday. Tape your affirmation statements on your bathroom mirror, refrigerator, kitchen cabinet or anywhere that you will be reminded on a daily basis. Work with a life coach. Join Ignite Your Life!, which is a powerful four-part series on discovering your why, getting clear about what you want and learning how to take the steps to get there. Dates will be announced soon. This will be an opportunity to work personally with myself and a colleague, Denise Mills on you. Come soar with me!