A year ago a friend of mine who was diagnosed with colon cancer was preparing to leave the physical world. This man had lived a good life, loved hard, raised two sons, had many friends that loved him and remained playful and in love with life until his last day. I made it a point to visit as much as I could at hospice and towards the end would just sit, hold his hand and be with him. It has me thinking these days about what I would do if my days were strategically numbered. I have to ask myself, “Have I loved enough and been loved enough?” “Have I given of service when I had the opportunity?” “Have I lifted others up when they needed a hand?” “Am I leading an authentic life?” “Do I live everyday aligned with my purpose?” “Do I know my why?” “Who or what did I make better today?” These questions are not to be taken lightly. They are meant to engage you in a self dialogue and spend some reflection time in self examination. Take some time today to begin the process of seeking the answers on your life journey. Engage with a friend and start a dialogue about the impact of these questions on your life and the lives of others. Have a blessed day.