I was sitting in my office the other day, looking outside at the warm Spring day and I was thinking about all the opportunities that come with a change of season. Flowers bloom, leaves and grass grow green and lush, winter is washed away with the rains. It occurred to me that with the change of season comes the opportunity for growth. Did you know that is the reason why snakes shed their skin? Snakes shed their skin to allow for growth. They usually begin by brushing up against a rock or a hard surface and this creates a rip in their skin generally in the nose or mouth area. In most cases it comes off in one piece but can sometimes get stuck and create a build up. If this happens in the eye area, it can lead to blindness and then death. Do you sometimes miss an opportunity for growth? Growth can be scary at times and at other times wondrous and exhilerating. However, if you get stuck, it can hinder you from moving foward and making the necessary changes in your life that could lead to more fulfillment and happiness. Shedding is done with a purpose just as we can shed our limiting beliefs and old habits and move foward to our best life. Take some time to shed that which does not fit you any longer. Welcome to Spring!