Welcome to my Cool New Blog. I have been working with emotionally disturbed children for over 30 years and am interested in helping staff and organizations in this field develop their higher self and reach their potential. My professional life started as a Recreation Therapist and I was given the opportunity to help children through the use of experiential activities. What I discovered was that most people learn easier and faster by doing. The idea for Experiential Alternatives came to me after I sat through another workshop session that almost put me to sleep. I decided then and there to start putting together workshops that were interactive, fun and provided “aha moments” for the participant. Workshops are in the planning stages and will be posted under seminars. My personal experience includes direct service with children and adults as well as administrative responsibilities to maintain accreditation and licensing. If your organization is interested in taking a look at themselves from an organizational perspective, an organizational development intervention can be arranged. My recent affiliation with Jack Canfield allows for folks to connect with Jack as well. I am excited to get started.